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One2One Network

Klout: The Standard for Influence

Review sites and Ad click Sites:

Tomoson. Review products for free, if approved. You also can do sponsored posts and receive products at a discounted price.
Activate by Blog Lovin (formerly Sverve)  Review products and services. They offer free and paid campaigns
Business to blogger-Paid campaigns.
Glitter Network. Paid for ad clicks.
Costume bloggers: free to try products. reviews must be posted within two weeks.
She Speaks (still new to this one. sign up for the blogger society. takes a few days to approve you, if selected).
BlogHer (sign up for visionaries, plus a few other of their campaigns). Some do pay, if chosen.
Influenster: if selected, can review a product (Vox Box) for free.
Escalate Network: paid for ad clicks
CrowdTap: earn point to win gift cards. I have won Amazon and Wal-Mart Gift Cards.

Amazon's Mturk program: complete tasks to earn money. Can earn money via Amazon Payments or Paypal.
Social Good Moms (still new to this. ) do campaigns to raise social awareness. free.
One to One Network: Product Reviews. Social causes. Some of the campaigns I completed including promoting a video on Youtube; Promotion of the Dixie Chicks Cd; Promotion of a Disney Music Release.
Link Vehicle: Affiliates
Google Adwords: Ads
Expo TV (upload video reviews. complete surveys. every now and then you will get to try out a product. so far, i been involved in the pampers cruisers tryology program, the downy infusions and unstoppables campaign.).
LibraryThing. win free books through the member giveaway program. e-books, audio, and paperback. sometimes you get a hardback in the mail.
BlogDash: Sponsored Posts, Product Reviews.
PitchRate: Sign up as  journalist to post pitches for products, interviews. Sign up as an expert to respond to pitches and things.
BrandBacker: product reviews. Fashion, Make-Up, Jewerly, etc.
Bloggers Required: product reviews.
Business to Blogger: product reviews. some paid. some not paid.

Giveaway service: Request products and then complete tasks on the website, similar to Tomoson.
Flyby Blog Promotions: They send an email, asking if you want to review a  product, service, book, cd, movie, etc. You respond interested. If selected, you will receive more information

VIPON: (formerly Amazon Review Trader and ART Deals Community).  What I like about this site is the price for the item, whether free for paid is visible before you even apply for a review. You have unlimited requests but only can be approved for 150 per month.

Uberzon: They send out emails when a product is for review. You have two weeks to review the product on Amazon.

Honest Few: Amazon review site. You get emails for products and you will receive a code if you are selected. They have books now for review.

Jumpsend (formerly ReviewKick). You can request 10 products at a time. You can increase the limit if you install the chrome extension and verify phone number.

SnagShout: request items. get code, order items.

AmzOne Deals Club (similar to VIPON. You request and if you get approved, you will get a code to order). Free stuff is not as vast as VIPON.

Surveys Sites and other stuff:

Pine Cone Research-$3 per survey completed. Can get paid via paypal, once you cash it out. And if you have a paypal card, instant money :-)
Tyndale Rewards: earn points for free books and other things. give out your link to friends and earn more points for referrals. Christian-based
YourWord: Still new to this one. Signed up on 3/7/2014.
Daily Break: complete challenges to earn points for prizes.
DataIntelligence Online
Consignd--set up a store and earn commision when people buy from your store
Daily Sale every now and then, something free will show up in your email.
Free Samples network
Absolute freebies
Amazon Local (every now and then, you will see free vouchers for something)
I crave Freebies
Hey It's Free
Sweet free stuff
Get It free
Totally Free Stuff

Extra Extra:
Klout (not a review site), but it is good to have. Every now and then, you get perks. I got a few perks before switching to a business account.
Positively Autism. Free stuff each month (free homeschool material and lessons) free science dvds and books.
Plough Publishing. Free Christian Ebooks

  1. Install the Google Analytics tracking code on all your blogs
  2. help other bloggers promote their reviews and giveaways, and they will do the same
  3. Bookmark ALEXA's website. Know your rank
  4. Post reviews and postings in a timely manner
  5. Connect your social media (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Facebook Fan Pages, Google Profile, Instagram). \
  6. Set up a Pinterest Business Account and connect it to your blog. 
  7. Set up a Facebook fan page for your blog. 
  8. Video reviews are cool. Use Youtube or Vimeo to embed your videos. 
Google Analytics: (still working on how to explain this)

1. Sign up for Google Analytics. Can use existing Google Account to sign in.

To create a profile:
Click Admin in the top right in the menu bar from any Analytics page.

Find the account that contains the property to which you want to add a profile. If you have a lot of accounts or properties, use the drop down search box in the top left of the menu bar.

Click the property to which you want to add a profile.

Click +New Profile.

Select either Web or App.

Enter a name for the profile.
It’s best to be transparent and descriptive so you know what this profile is for.

Select a Reporting Time Zone. Choose a country/territory and standard time zone.

Changing the time zone only affects data going forward, and is not applied retroactively. If you change the time zone for an existing profile, you may see a flat spot or a spike in your data. This may be caused by the time shift forwards or backwards, respectively. Report data may refer to the old time zone for a short period after you update your settings, until our servers have processed the change.
Click Create Profile.

Google Analytics Takes 24 hours to update setting up web-tracking code using traditional tracking code snippet

Finding your Amazon Profile and Rank

Your Amazon profile shows you your reviews, blog info, contact info, and a description of yourself. The profile page also shows you your Amazon rank. The higher your rank (below 10k is good), the more companies pitch you for products. Top Reviewer status is a goal. Your rank increases or decreases based on helpful or unhelpful reviews. It also can increase if you include photos and videos. 

To find your Amazon profile: Log into Amazon. Scroll down your where it says (your name) Amazon. Once you click on the link you will see your amazon, your recommendations, and a link for your profile. Click on it and bookmark the page. The url comes in handy for Amazon review sites such as Review Loop, Amazon Review Trader, Uberzon, and even Tomoson. 

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