Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Miu Color Diffuser Review

Disclaimer: I received this in exchange for honest review

I received the Miu Color Diffuser, in exchange for honest review. I love essential oils and diffusers, but what set this apart was the built in clock and bluetooth speaker. You also have modes for both white light and colored light, plus a timer for the mist mode. I use the white color for light duirng the day time, instead of turning on the main light and color mode at night. I am a big fan of purples and reds. The white light mode includes two colors, while the color mode includes : pink, red, purple, light green, dark green, and light blue.

I strugged with volume control with the speaker, so I continued to adjust the volume with either my phone or Kindle.

The diffuser comes with many parts. The base with water tank, clock, and speaker; the lid to the water tank, and the lid to the diffuser. The diffuser holds 300 ml of water. What thing, I did not like was there is an arrow to align the diffuser lid and base in place, but it does not lock, so you can still remove the lid with ease. One of my kids spilled the water out from the diffuser by removing the lid and tipping it over. I was so glad my pc, printer, and other electronics was not on top of the desk (They are now though).

I wanted the diffuser to be on the desk, since it displays the time. The same buttons, which adjusts the time, adjusts the volume. Make sure to check which mode you are in first before adjusting either.

To connect to bluetooth, you press the bluetooth button first and then connect to your device. I had issues with the Miu Color not appearing at first on my phone so I tested it with my Kindle first. The speaker works well with music and movies.

You can purchase the diffuser, using the link above. The diffuser is prime-eligible.

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