Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wet N Wild Splashtown Review (USFG)

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by US Family Guide Bloggers Program. I received 4 tickets for participation. We also paid for one extra ticket.

When I was a kid, the family use to go to Splashtown, now called Wet N Wild Splashtown,  during the summer, usually on the 4th of July to see the fireworks. There was nothing like laying in the wavepool watching the lights in the sky. I also liked floating along the lazy river.

Times have changed and I went to experience the park with my kids, which is a challenge in itself, since both are not big fan of water.

The first thing I noticed was the lockers have changed. The old key and deposit system went away and replaced with a code system and no deposit. You have three sizes of lockers: small, large, and jumbo. I paid for a Jumbo, which was $20. The jumbo had lot of room for me and my kids backpacks. When paying, you choose a code for your locker. The receipt has your locker number on it. You go to the locker and enter your code on the keypad and open the locker. When you are ready to leave for the day, there is a red button under the keypad, which says end (or something like that).

I looked at the attractions online before  I went to see what was appropriate for my kids to play on. The best area was Wet n Wild Jr, a children's area. The water was 2 ft deep. It had climbing things, a mini slide, and a giant water bucket, which fills with water and dumps it out whenever.

Other kids areas include the Treehouse  and Blue Lagoon Activity Pool. The kids had fun playing in the water without my assistance. I did help Kalen and my great niece with the steps on the mini slide and helped them once they slid down, but other than that, the kids had fun playing in the water.

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