Friday, July 8, 2016

Unashamed Book Review (FlyBy Blog Promotions)

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I read Unashamed by Heather Davis Nelson, in exchange for honest review from FlyBy Blog Promotions.

About the Book:

Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame offers hope to those struggling under the burden of shame. This book shines the life-giving light of the gospel on the things that leave us feeling worthless and rejected, directing our attention to the God who promises to forgive and restore us—no matter what.

About the Author:

Heather Davis Nelson (MA, Westminster Theological Seminary) is a writer, counselor,and speaker. Heather writes regularly at and has been a featured writer at the Gospel Coalition, as well as a contributing author to the Journal of Biblical Counseling. She and her husband are parents to twin daughters and live in southeastern Virginia.

My Review:

We all have done things we are ashamed of such as something with parenting or something from a former relationship. The book teaches us how to be free from shame. The author said "shame is pent up and just waiting for an opportunity to say something, but someone has to be the first to talk." Shame can be embarrasment or feeling we don't meet the standards. Shame can make us feel insecure and worthless. The book also explains the difference between shame and guilt. The author then discusses different types of shame and how God can help you overcome shame. For example, chapter three discusses body shame, which is one of my issues. I developed early. I had periods of weight gain and weight loss. I struggle with the fact, I was a lot skinner before I had Kalen and don't feel happy with myself now. Not to mention every now and then, being inundated with messages from childhood, which said I was not skinny enough or not feminine enough. The author said Jesus wants to cover your shame with his honor (p. 57). Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and discussion.. 

You can purchase the book using the link above. The book comes in kindle and paperback format. 

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