Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The More of Less Book Review (Blogging For Books)

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I read the More of Less by Joshua Becker, in exchange for honest review from Blogging for Books. I received a hardback book. The book is also available in Kndle, paperback, and cd format. The book is written from a Christian perspective.

I wanted to read the book because I have too much stuff crammed into my bedroom and part of the batthroom. I can't get things organized because of part time, part kids, part laziness, part frustration. I would like my chaos more manageable before I get my own place.

In the book, Becker teaches us how to live with less by getting rid of or selling things you have. My closet is probably the most organized thing in here, even though it can be cluttered. I had to turn a non walk in closet into some form of storage, so I squeezed in 3 vertical storage units and 1 horizontal storage unit, plus one small unit for things like feminine items, workout clothes, and cleaning pads for the swiffers (which I need to buy a new one or give the pads away).

When I first moved here, this room was a mess. I was up for days, organizing it so I can move my stuff in and other people's stuff out. My family gave me a room, but didn't bother cleaning their junk out. If I had known I was pregnant at the time, I would have not done all that heavy lifting.

Then along comes Kalen in 2011. Brad moved here a few months later. I started blogging. I had to stop requesting everything I wanted and focused more on what I had space for since last year. Of course, Brad gets diaper delivery. 60 pounds of box each month and I don't have room for all of his supplies. I take some out at a time, but then the kids open up everything and I have too much stuff flying around (because Brad throws his clean diapers). Since I get more than I need, I always have some left over from the previous month, and still have a major supply. I will give away the pads as needed since he doesn't need but 5-6 bags per month.

Next, the author discussed some of the benefits of minimizing your stuff such as less stress, more freedom, and less distraction. The author also discussed the differences between organizing and minimizing. Organizing is rearranging your stuff, while minimizing is getting rid of excess stuff.

But first, we need to decide why we are getting rid of our excess before we start to have a foundation first. I want to see my floor most of the time. I want the space to have for clothes without them taking over the room. I need a better system for storing Brad's adult diapers and bedding pads. You also can get rid of duplicates. How many towels or sheets or blankets do you really need? I have a few sets of sheets, and 3 comforters. I want enough to swap them out between washes. Do I need any more comforters, sheets, or pillows? no. I have enough.

I can give away things I don't need such as clothes and bedding pads. Right now, I have a little stack of Kalen's 12-24 month pants, I am packing up to give away. His legs are longer so he doesn't need those anymore. I am also getting rid of the kids leap tv. It was a birthday gift, but the game was too complicated for the kids. The leap got replaced with an inno tv, which is simpler to use. I just have to find the camera and I can pack everything up. I also can give away my canned good collection. Brad would come home with 1-2 bags of canned goods each week, but I didn't use it all and now I have a massive collection piled up under my bed. Someone else can use the veggies I don't want or the kids won't eat. Plus the can opener is always missing so it would be a good thing.

You can buy the book using the link above. The book is prime-eligible.

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