Thursday, February 11, 2016

Steps to a Better You Personal Trainer Review (Tomoson)

Disclaimer: I received access to BioMechanicallyFit, in order to review the program.

I need to lose weight and tone my body, but I am not joining a gym. I have weights, a balancing ball, and other exercise equipment at home, which I use when I do workout, whenever that is. I also walk around the neighborhood or walk my oldest to school, a few times a month. Doing housework and chasing kids also counts as exercise.

The website provides a series of books and videos to help you lose weight. I do recommend getting a note pad to track progress and assessments from the books. The books come in two formats, ebook and pdf. What I did first was to download the books for all the modules because at the time, I was approved, I had limited home internet. I was using my phone's hot spot plus my regular hot spot to be able to work online. I had to download all I could before I ran out of data. The home internet just came back on and I am starting the program later than expected.

The programs consist of five modules. Each module has their own videos and books. The dashboard is the starting point. You will download worksheets to determine goals, health history, posture, and other vital information. Module One focuses on nutrition and body types. Module Two focuses on posture, static and dynamic.

Module Three through Five focuses on exercises. There is also a bonus section with books for specific workouts, like kettle bells, resistance bands, and trx workouts.

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