Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Little Miss Basic by Dan Zevin (Blogging for Books)

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I read Little Miss Basic: A Parody (Little Miss and Mr. ME ME ME), in exchange for honest review from Blogging for Books. The book was written by Dan Zevin. I have read other books in the series: Mr. Selfie and Little Miss Overshare. The books are a mix of humor and satire. Don't be fooled by the cover. These are not children's books.

In little Miss Basic, she is obsessed with the latest fads, fashions, and celebrities. The book starts off good, but I get lost in the middle. The book is not as good as Mr Selfie, who was obsessed with selfies and his selfie stick or Little Miss Overshare, who talked too much.

You can purchase the book, using the link above in paperback and kindle format. The book is prime-eligible.

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