Monday, October 26, 2015

#KhortytsaVodka Review (Tomoson)

I received Khortytsa, Vodka in exchange for honest review. The brand was developed by Global Spirits.

I received 4 bottles of vodka: Khortytsa Ice; Khortytsa Deluxe; Khortytsa Platinum; and Khortytsa Pepper Honey Hot

My favorites was the Ice and Platinum. Since I live with a few alcoholics, I had to get creative with how I mixed the vodka. Khortytsa works well with a little kool-aid and water enhancers. I tried a pomegranate water enhancer, water, and Khortytsa ice, which tasted excellent.

The classic is measured exactly down to the oatmeal and sugar syrup. The platinum is filtered through silver and platinum technology, whatever this means, but it tastes good.

The one, I was most scared of was the pepper honey hot. I tried a sip and passed the rest along to various family members, who love the heat. Too bad, the heat they loved was not the heat in the bottle. :-). The heat in the bottle starts off mild, but works it's way down as a tingle in the throat, then you feel the burn. I wish I recorded my sister's reaction to her first sip of pepper honey hot. The pepper honey hot has a nice whole red pepper inside, similar to the worm inside tequila. The pepper honey hot also contains mint and lime honey.

Each bottle has 40% alcohol content.

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