Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coco Jack Product Review (DialogoNet)

I received the Coco Jack system in exchange for honest review from DialogoNet.

The Coco Jack system was designed for people to open Young Thai Coconuts with ease. With the system, you can open a hole at the top of the coconut to drain the water and scoop the insides (meat) out. You also can reuse the top back in the coconut.

The Thai Coconut is not the traditional hairy or a mature coconut. The young thai is a hairless, white, smoother coconut.

Benefits of Young Thai Coconuts

You will need to go to a specialty store for a young thai. I also found some online but the prices were expensive.

I made the mistake of buying the wrong coconut at first, but I called around and found out Whole Foods has the Young Thai in stock.

The system comes with 5 pieces:

  1. The mallet, which helps open the coconut
  2. The coco jack, which goes on top of the coconut, then you bang with the mallet to open. 
  3. The scoop tool, which helps scoop the coconut meat out
  4. A coco jack for storing coconuts
  5. A coco mat, which helps absorb vibrations while opening the coconut. You place your coconut in the middle of the X on the coco mat. 
You also need a bowl for the coconut water, which will come out of the coconut.  I also recommend keeping the CoCo Jack System out of reach from children. The mallet is weighted and can cause damage, if used improperly. My system is hidden in the closet.

Check out the video by Coco Jack on how to use the system. I am also creating a video, which will show the first video, I made using the wrong coconut, in addition to the correct method, using the young Thai Coconut. 

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