Friday, December 20, 2013

Willie Out West Book Review (Book Sneeze)

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I read Willie Out West, in exchange for honest review from BookSneeze. The book was written by Rhonda Walker. I chose this book because I was surrounded by kids, while looking for my next selection to review. I read the book to my son and great niece. They loved the book.

I normally don't read some children's books because of the length, and my kids have a short attention span. This book was a quick read. The pages didn't contain a lot of words. The story line was simple.

About the book:

Willie was a walrus. He wanted more adventure out of life. He was bored and tired of being at home. His dad is out fishing, while Mama is at home with Willie. After watching a news report on television, Willie goes on an adventure filled with Octopuses, Polar Bears, Seals, and a One-eyed Whale. For me, the book teaches about finding adventure and fun in the little things, which happen daily. I also think it teaches kids about using their imagination and creativity.

Great Read

@Stacie D. Wyatt 12/20/2013

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