Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed--between the blog and the kids and life itself. Sometimes I feel like I put too much on my self, thinking I can do it, when sometimes I can not (which is why I write everything down now in a document, either on paper or on google drive).

Today, has been one of those days. I did a book blast, which freed me from posting on the blog, but I still had work to do behind the scenes. The kids acted extra today. Brad tried to break my door again because I took the remote from him because he kept messing with his brother. The hole behind my door has gotten a little bigger. My door is also cracked at the top, thanks to another meltdown.

I also tried to get him to try some tea for review. He did not want to try it. Luckily, he is sleep now. Last nite, even with 6 mls of melatonin in his system, Brad did not want to go to sleep. He fell asleep around 5 or 6 am. I know because I was woke as well. He also takes clonindine. I cant find my pill crusher (need an assistant to help me sort my things). Getting him to swallow a pill is ridiculous. You have to put the pill in his mouth, close it. add water, close the mouth, and make him swallow. otherwise, he will spit the pill out and I have to start over.

I am also getting tired of him peeing in my bed. He broke his bed months ago. I am trying to find a good one for him. Something an Autistic, ADHD, child can not break. He had a futon, but broke the frame. Ordered new screws and he still broke the frame. The frame is fine now, but now in the game room. The mattress on the other hand, Brad peed through it. Opened it up, it was blue jean material. His urine disintegrated it. So, eventually, he works his way back into my bed. I got waterproof mattress pads and covers, plus regular ones, and he still finds a way to pee in my bed. Last night, since he refused to sleep, I made him go potty every 30 or so minutes. My bed was dry in the morning. Yay. I washed my bedding two extra times, two days ago, because Brad kept peeing. Not sure, if he senses he is wet or stinky or wants to lay in his own urine. Sometimes, he will tell me if he is stinky. Sometimes he goes to the potty and pee. Yay me.

Kalen, though he can't walk, can climb into stuff and throw it out, pour it out, eat it up, or put it in his mouth. My poor toothbrush, he found in my purse and decided he wanted to use it. Good job, but use your own toothbrush lol. He knocked over books, paper, and bags. I had to get rid of my mini bookcase, because Kalen keeps knocking everything over. I gave it to my niece. I need something taller and more sturdier. The book case was left with nothing but my Carnival Plastic Ship on a stick and the phone books.

I also need my laptop fixed. Tired of Brad's desktop. Good for doing work, but I miss Microsoft office. I also can't find the book i am working on. I know i saved a back-up copy, but it is not on Google Drive. Could be on a flash drive, but not sure which one. I have gotten quotes, but they all was high--for a simple consultation.

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