Monday, March 11, 2013

Powerful prayers of gratitude

I read powerful prayers of gratitude, in exchange for an honest review. The book was written by Glenn Langohr and published by Sanctified Publishing. The book was gifted to me by the author. I responded to a BookBlogs post, with the author looking for reviews. 

The book starts out well: in prayer. What better way than to start out a prayer book with prayer?

The power of prayer changes things dramatically. We need prayer. We need to be humble in prayer. We need a submissive attitude, instead of an attitude of superiority. Glenn also discussed how we always do not know what to pray for. Yesterday in Church, the pastor said to pray, but I was not sure what to pray for specifically. I know what I need and want, but I want to make sure I am praying for the right things with the right words. I definitely don't want to use the wrong words and get the wrong thing.The Holy Spirit prays for us when we don't know the words to use. We also can seek the bible for understanding. All we have to do is try and the Lord will do the rest---was a great statement in the book. We need to put forth the effort and allow God to be God. God understands our thoughts. He knows what we are going through. Our prayers may not always be perfect, but God can guide us in the right direction. 

The book is a good read. It is easy to read. The material is presented with short, easy to read passages, versus long, lengthy passages. Glenn teaches us about the power of prayer. Prayer can heal. Prayer can strengthen our relationship with God. Prayer can be anytime, anywhere, any position (on your knees, prayer closet, driving in your car, standing up, etc etc etc). Developing a stronger prayer life helps us develop a stronger relationship with the Father. 

The book also presents prayers for certain topics like Forgiveness, Grace, Strength, Patience, Protection, and Hope. The topics also have biblical verses for reference. 

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