Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fed up with Flat Faith by Kathy Howard

I read Fed up with Flat Faith by Kathy Howard, in exchange for review from netgalley.com. The book was published by Wharton Press. The book discussed dead, flat spirituality, instead of a passion for a relationship with God. People need to turn to God first with problems, concerns, everything, instead of turning to others or self. Turning to anything but God can lead to disappointment and frustration

The book also provides examples of women, living in Bible times, who lacked faith. For example, Sarah laughed at God, when he said she would be a mother. Martha focused on serving God, instead of being near him. The book also discusses symptoms of flat faith and how to revive the spark in your life. Prayer works wonders.

Other highlights from the book:

1. flat faith hinders our purpose in life
2. we dont have to settle for flat faith

I highly recommend this book. I loved reading the book.

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