Monday, March 25, 2013

Cast of Stones

I read Cast of Stones, in exchange for review from Bethany House. I downloaded the kindle version, as well as the ascm file. The book was written by Patrick W. Carr and published by Bethany House Publishing.

The book is part adventure, part fantasy, part action, part excitement. The book is also Christian-based. The book is set in medieval times. The book started off with Errol wanting a little food to eat, in exchange for work. He is also an alcoholic. A messenger arrives to town, needing to deliver a message to the priest, Pater Martin, before nightfall. To get to the priest, he must cross the gorge, which will not get him back to his next destination before night fall. Errol volunteered to deliver the message--in exchange for payment (half now, half later).

I could not get into the book at first. I was reading it on the Kindle and my mind was not in reading mode at the time. Then, I tried having the book read to me. Nothing yet. When I got home, I loaded up the book on the PC and I loved it. The first few scenes, especially when Errol has to cross the gorge to deliver the mail to Pater Martin, while being chased by an assassin. Errol starts off on a quest to the gorge, but ends up discovering God in the process.

The book is available in paperback and kindle edition.

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