Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bathsheba bathed in Grace

I read Bathsheba, bathed in grace: how eight scandalous women changed the world, in exchange for review from BookSneeze. The book was written by Carol Cook and Published by Westbow Press

I chose the book because I loved the cover and the description. I wanted to learn more about Bathsheba and the other 7 scandalous women. I heard about all of them, except Tamar before. I also liked how the book was written from a women's point of view. The book discussed the husbands, but did not focus on David (Bathsheba), Isaac (Rebekah), Abraham (Sarah), Adam (Eve), Jacob (Leah and Rachel), Onan (Tamar).

The book told the stories of Eve, Tamar, Hagar, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Sarah, and Bathsheba. It is part ficitionalized and part based on the bible. The stories came to life. I really enjoyed this book, starting with Bathsheba.I am not a bible scholar. I have to start at the table of contents to find a chapter in church because I have no idea where each book is located, except Genesis, Exodus, Revelation, Psalms, and Proverbs. I knew David watched Bathsheba bath from his window. I also knew he orchestrated the death of Uriah, her husband. I did not know she had a miscarriage. That touched me deeply because I know how that lost feels. The lost, the guilt, the hurt. The story had voyeurism (he watched her from the window), adultery, murder, miscarriage, marriage, guilt, grief, pain. After reading Bathsheba's story, I wanted more. I read the stories of Sarah (Sarai), Rebekah, Rachel, and Hagar next (not in that order). I learned more about their lives than I read in the bible (which is sad, I know), but at the end of each story, Carol lists the bible chapters and verses, to read the full story about these amazing women.

Tamar had survived two dead husbands (the sons of Judah), one of which defiled the marriage bed. She was also promised another husband from the house of Judah, once he was old enough.  Sarah laughed at God. Rebekah and her son helped deceive Isaac. Eve hid from and lied to God. Leah and Rachel were both promised to Jacob. He wanted Rachel, but received Leah at first. Had to work another seven years for Rachel. Leah was also the most fertile. 

The book is available in kindle, hardback, and paperback. 

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