Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where's Milo's Ball

I read Where's Milo's Ball, in exchange for honest review from Edelweiss. The book was written by Mike Austin. The Book was published by Blue Apple

First, I did have to adjust my settings a bit to be able to read the book. The initial font on the e-reader was too small. Every other page was blank and some of the story was missing. Was not sure if I received a blank copy of the book or a book with a lot of blank pages and hardly no words or graphics. This was a quick read to the kiddies. They enjoyed the pictures.

I chose this book to read to the kids. The book is about Milo the Cat, who is looking for a ball of string.  The book was in panel format. Good for a traditional book or a Kindle Fire, but I used Adobe Digital Editions to read the book. I hope the board book is better than the electronic edition.

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