Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Problem is You by John Burke

I read the Problem is You by John Burke, in exchange for review from Library Thing. The book was part of a giveaway, in exchange for a review.  The book was published by Empowerment Nation. The book was a quick read.

The book discusses how to conquer self-defeating behavior, which I have plenty of. I will talk my way out of some situations because I am afraid of the outcome. I also can rationalize and project with the best of them. When you feel like a failure, you do things that will not make you a success, like procrastinate. Life is still moving forward, while you are stuck in the past.

Some of my self-defeating behaviors include eating; procrastination; blaming others; obsession with perfection; taking things out of proportion; keeping grudges; trying to please people; wanting to be right; and lack of willingness, yet I still have the same problems once I am done. Life still moves forward and I am left further behind.

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The book discusses self-defeating behavior; characteristics of self-defeating behavior; origins of incorrect beliefs; recognizing and minimizing self-defeating behavior; and creating a path to success (5 chapters, 36 pages). The book will teach you how to change your attitude from negative to positive, provided you are willing to change. The book discusses how self-defeating behaviors may start from behaviors and actions, not going according to plan. We expect a particular outcome, but get something else. We go into depression, anger, frustration, hurt, instead of refocusing and trying again. Just because something failed, does not mean that is the end. We can start over again.

We don't have to please everyone. We don't have to sacrifice morals and values. We don't have to feel like a total failure because something did not go as planned. . We can not control what other people do and say. We do not have to live our lives for someone else. We can say no. In doing this, we develop a more mature, positive attitude towards life, especially our self. I read this book in a few hours. Loved the book.

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