Monday, January 28, 2013

The Church Sign

I read The Church Sign in exchange from honest review from Library Thing Early Reviewers Program. The book was written by Anne Robey-Graham and published by Kirkdale Press.

The book was Robey-Graham's last book before passing away in 2011.

The book starts off with a man and a dog, stopping in front of a church. He is looking for someone. The first scene really grabbed me. It was dramatic and intense, even if it's a few short sentences. Robey-Graham did a good job opening up the first scene.

The book focuses on Alicia Zimmerman, a researcher for an University. She makes a mistake and ends up hiding. She meets Eric and a friendship develops, but she has her past to worry about.

Alicia also had faith in God. She desired a relationship with God. "If only she could soak in his stained-glass presence, she knew her problems would shrink. Surrounded by others as their prayers floated towards heaven, she just knew she would be able to breathe again". This was a wonderful passage early into the book.

Next, the church signs help guide Alicia and Eric in the book. The cute, creative signs are wonderful such as "Why not pray about it?". I have seen church signs, which have seriously helped me. I remember one night I leaving work and had to go pick up my son from the babysitter. I was driving down one dark country road to get to his aunt house. I was not in the best mood. As I was approaching the road into Pike County, two churches had posted two church signs, which got me out of my funk. I don't remember what each sign said, but I remember I was happier.

I highly enjoyed reading this book.

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