Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Real Life, Real Miracles

I read Real Life, Real Miracles, in exchange for review from Bethany House. The book was written by James L. Garlow and Keith Wall. The book provides stories from real people, which also shows God's goodness and grace. The book is very inspirational. Steve may have died in a car accident, but he did not. The book also discussed Shari. Shari was boarding a plane from Australia and someone had taken her seat. Since the plane was already ready to depart, the attendant told her to sit in any empty seat.  Shari was in a plane crash. She was about to take some pills to sleep, but a quiet voice told her not to and to keep her wits on alert. The story had a beautiful ending.

The book also discusses cancer, drugs, diamonds, and MS. I did not get a chance to finish the book, but I am definitely planning to buy a paperback book in the future.

The prologue set the tone of the book and could applied to anyone-you got laid off and can not pay your bills; You been praying and can't seem to get ahead. One day, you walk to the mailbox, receive a letter from an old friend, and she sent a check. (reminds me of my mother. always looking for a mysterious check in the mail. The problem is--miracles occur when least expected. ) God still provides--even in our darkest hour, even when we feel despair, even when no one else is there. God will always be around. 

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