Friday, January 25, 2013

Bible Stories, that end in an hug

I read Bible Stories, that end with an Hug, in exchange for  an honest review from Tyndale House. The book was written by Stephen Elkins and illustrated by Smon Taylor-Kielty. Tyndale House provided me with a complimentary, print edition of the book.

I chose this book for the children. I have the responsibility to teach my kids more about Christ. It is my responsibility to help them develop a relationship with Christ, despite their development level. Another reason, I chose this book was because it was easy to read and the stories are short. I can read a story to the kids and not lose their attention and focus. I did not want a book, where I lose the kids. I have been looking for a children' bible for kids with special needs. Every bible or set of stories I found online was above their understanding. I truly love the simplicity of the book. Each page tells a bible story. Each page also has a bible verse for reference. The book does not use big words. Each story is simplified so the children can gain understanding. The stories are not comprehensive. They explain the important facts. Each story takes a few minutes to read.  And at the end of each story, parents (or whoever is reading the book) gives their children a nice, big hug. 

Stacie hugging her two boys and her great niece. 


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