Tuesday, January 1, 2013

American Literature by James Stobaugh

I reviewed American Literature (the student version) for review from New Leaf Publishing Group. The book was written by James Stobaugh.

First, American Literature: Cultural Influences of early to contemporary voices (description here) was an excellent book. The book had an easy-to-read format. The book also had simple charts and graphs. I also enjoyed the layout of the book. Each chapter has learning objectives and discussion questions. For example, Discuss if Old Testament Law should have literal interpretation to today's society? Each chapter also has weekly essay questions options, which links to the teacher guide. Finally, the book has mini-assignments for the student to fill-in with space to respond to the questions.

I also love the reading list, immediately after the TOC. The list has classics such as The Scarlet Letter; The Glass Menagerie; and The Crucible.

The book also came with the teacher guide.

The teacher guide (description here) came pre-holed, ready for insertion in a binder or folder. The information was priceless. The teacher guide has assignments for each lesson, in addition to tests. The book is for high schoolers and is written from a Christian Perspective (New Leaf Publishing focuses on Christian books). The assignments and discussion questions are also from a Christian perspective. For example: Is it possible for Christians to lose the culture war? How? Or How does Christian Theism differ from other worldviews?
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