Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Special

Christmas Special: Buy Mind Funk Times 21 by Tai Davis or Emotional Enema by Brigette Hall below, get a discount for 50% off print editions of my books: Love. Lust. Life.; Chocolate Kisses; or Conversations through Createspace store. Provide proof you have bought either book and I will send a code, you can use on one of my books.

Tai is an excellent poet. I love her work. I known her for years. Her poetry is inspiring and uplifting.

Brigette is a PHOENIX and former classmate. I have reviewed part of this book. This is an excellent read from Brigette. I was crying, laughing, and relating. People need to read this book. You will feel a release and a healing.

Mind Funk Times

Book Description:Mind Funk Times 21 is designed to shine a spotlight on things that women experience throughout their lives. Of course, this is not the experience of all but still too many. For those who find this work familiar, this is for you. Some of these are things that remain unacknowledged for an entire lifetime but are a major influence in their lives nonetheless. Covering various subjects such as love, family and mental illness, this work will stir something for its reader and hopefully open a community wide dialogue. The poetry written here is raw, edgy and definitely not for the conservative. It's intended to be thought and emotion provoking. The book is 10.99

Emotional Enema

Book Description: An Emotional Enema... Let That Sh*t Go! is exactly that... A book about letting emotional waste go! Far too often we, or someone we know, hold on to past hurts much longer than we need. Far too often we, or someone we know, miss out on better things looking right at us because we are.... "emotionally constipated!" But where does it all begin? The author takes you on the journey of how she became emotionally constipated, found relief, and finally learned to "Let That Sh*t Go!". The book is 15.95


Conversations combines three short stories (Conversing with Salvation, Conversing with Normality, and Miscarried) into a single book. Salvation and Normality discusses conversations I had with myself and God about my oldest child, who is Autistic. Salvation is a conversation with God--How can my child be saved if he may not understand God's goodness and grace. Normality discusses a semi-real conversation I had with Brad on food. Miscarriage is based on me. I had two miscarriages (2005 and 2009). Experienced conflict in emotions. The book is 10 bucks for the print edition on Createspace

Love.Lust.Life is a book of my poetry, discussing three phases of my life. Love discusses crushes. Lust discusses sexuality. Life discusses well life. The print edition is $20 bucks on CreateSpace.

Chocolate Kisses

Chocolate Kisses is about a former addiction of mine. I wrote a few poems to him over the years (2006 to 2010ish) and decided to make the poetry into a book. I also learned to get over him, while writing this book. So, the book became healing for me. I was too addickted to his penis. The book is $20 on createspace.

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