Sunday, October 14, 2012

What did I study in College

story lane prompt

1997-1998. studied english and texas government at community college. took dual credit courses in high school. North Harris Montgomery Community College
1998-1999-went to an all girls college. traditional. had no idea what I wanted to major in. Wesleyan College
2004ish-tried to go to Chubb Institute for graphic design. had to withdraw within the first week. car broke down.
2004-2005. Went to Westwood College of Technology. Majored in Graphic Design. Transferred to Phoenix after realizing the school is nuts. Took a small break from the school. went back for the same degree. told me I had to start over as a freshman and my credits from them are no good. No thank you
2006-2010 University of Phoenix. Business Management degree. Have used this degree to analyze how bad my old jobs was lol. old jobs was subject of plenty of papers. Also provided suggestions on how to change work environment.
2010-2016 University of Phoenix IO psychology degree.

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