Monday, October 1, 2012

The UOPX Alumni Event and Dynamo Game 9/27/12

My school had an alumni event this weekend. The school provided an alumni mixer and then tickets to the Dynamos Soccer game. I took my two kids and my niece to the event. The food included hamburgers, hot dogs, kettle chips, cookie, water, and soda. Brad did good at the alumni event. He ate three plates of food. Then, we headed over to the fan fest at the stadium. We got hats, sun glasses, gift certificates, candy, yogurt, hats from the fan fest. Brad was good during the fan fest. We walked to the stadium. Brad wa mostly good at the stadium. We lost him for a minute. While I was filling out a form for more free crap, Brad wandered off to the nearest concession stand. So Glad I found him. My biggest problem was the meltdown that followed once Brad saw some m&ms. I brought no money because the school provided food and tickets. The meltdown lasted from the time the game started until we walked out the building 30 or so minutes later. He was screaming. he was laying in the middle of the wet floor. Since the stadium is open and it was raining, the floors were dripping wet. The funny part was I gave him both his Risperdone and Clonindine BEFORE we left the house to calm him down. He was calm for the most part until he saw that infamous brown box with the picture of peanut goodness. Will I take him to another soccer Game? HELL NO.

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