Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mercedes Fantasy

fancy cars, parked in the driveway
mercedes, lexus coupe, cadillac

from the outside, they are first-class vehicles
but on the inside, they are filled with trash.

people riding around first class, but struggling to make food last
bills not paid early or on time
but they driving around in the latest ride.

trying to keep up with the Broke-sies,
because they can't catch up to the Jones

styling and profiling, to their friends and family
but don't even have a mortgage or a lease

people need to live within their means
trying to go from alienation to acceptance by the masses
don't even have a drop of soap to wash their ashy asses

living like peasants to obtain the latest pleasures
measuring his/her worth by the envy of others
but man is not measured by his goods or worth alone
can't take the Mercedes with you once you gone.
all alone
and the title, you still don't own

worried about the repo man and your limited status
some people need to take off those lexus-colored glasses
see the forest through the trees
get down on your knees,
and pray to God, he will bless you with the things you need
the things you want are temporary, fleeting
never know when the pleasure will be ending

living a mercedes fantasy, with a Pinto reality.

You can have the finest clothes
Ride around in premium cars
People think you are a star
VIP passes, unlimited access to ass
Perceived, outside living classy
But the insides are nasty, trashy, dusty, and ashy
Perpetuating the myth, “I got it”
Envy me, want me,
Never can you touch me, reach me
Wash, rinse, repeat, cycle keep repeating
Kids need food to eat
Rent due last week
Toes protruding from your shoes
Still living that Mercedes fantasy, as if you have nothing to lose

But your soul-it got holes
Possessions don’t fill the voids
Going through the motions of life
Robot-body, Mercedes life
Brain acting mechanical, producing no real though
Just happy with the status from the crap you bought

Copyright: Stacie D. Wyatt October 26, 2012/October 27, 2012.

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