Sunday, October 14, 2012

How does being a parent challenge me?

Storylane prompt (posted it here too)

HAHAHAHAHAAH I laugh at this question. Parenting is definitely a challenge, especially since I have two now. I admit I do not have a maternal gene and I had to learn to like and love my kids. I was one of those women, who did not want kids, but loved to have sex. Viola, I had 4 pregnancies, which resulted in two live births and two miscarriages. I also have the additional challenge of having two special needs kids. I grown to love both my monkeys a lot, while I was pregnant with Kalen. I am not perfect, but I am slowly improving.

Some of my challenges include the following:
-getting Brad to use soap when he showers
-getting Brad to stop putting on clothes, pulled from the dirty clothes
-teaching Brad to go potty on the potty, instead of the floor, the patio, the shower, etc
-teaching Kalen to walk
-homeschooling Brad
-making sure Brad does not hurt Kalen
-Putting up with Brads meltdowns
-teaching Kalen to talk
-teaching Kalen not to eat everything off the floor
-explaining why my kids are not "normal"
-Telling Brad to keep his hands out of his pants
-teaching Brad how to season food
-keeping brad from eating the food BEFORE it is fully cooked
-Keeping Brad from ripping Kalens diaper off
-Diffusing meltdowns in public places like Church or that stupid soccer game weeks ago.
-keeping Brad from jumping in my bed, so the box will not break
-Maintaining my sanity because if mama snaps, I dont trust too many folks to watch and keep my kids.
-Keeping Brad from shutting the door on Kalen
-Suffering through SpongeBoob Stupid Pants Daily

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