Friday, October 26, 2012

Damn Teenagers

What do you do when you see a teenager doing something stupid? Do you say something, hoping they would change (because they probably wont)? Do you tell their parents? (and they probably won't listen and accuse you of lying, even if you have proof).

Some teenagers today, think they have all the answers, but their solutions are stupid. Don't want to listen. don't want to do their homework. Don't want to go to school. Some want to get high, do drugs, and have lots of sex. but not always fond of the side effects of sex (STDS, KIDS, and EMOTIONS).

i was a good teenager. I went to class. I loved ROTC. i did my homework. never got detention, suspension. no trouble on my academic record. I was an average student, who did not talk to boys, until I was 18, and far far far far away from home. Then the trouble started, but I had my high school diploma. nothing more gratifying than being dressed in an elaborate gown, with a diamond-shaped hat, with tassel, walking across the stage, and being handed a diploma. YIPPEE COW YAH. More kids need to take my educational example. the rest...we leave it at education

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