Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brad and being sick

Yesterday I mentioned Brad had a headache. When Brad has an headache, he takes a lot of showers. He throws up. He points to his head. He sleeps most of the day. He may shower with his clothes on. For those, who don't know, Brad is Autistic and mostly non-verbal. When he is sick, I have to watch out for the usual signs, otherwise I miss it and get throw up all over my bed.

All this for a headache, but what if he Jwas sick with something else. Something worse, or just something other than a headache. How would he tell me? How would I know? How would the doctors know how to treat him? Run countless tests until they notice a dot, a blemish, a blur? Of course they have to drug him, because Brad won't let doctors touch him. Even if Brad bumps his head or get a scratch or a bruise, I will have no idea how he got it, since he only knows how to point to his head, belly, legs, feet, ears primarily. He can say nose and eye though. It is a good thing God protects fools and babies. My big baby needs all the Godly protection he can get.

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